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(YA) Book Subscription Boxes to Check Out

(YA) Book Subscription Boxes to Check Out


Welcome back to the #bookmas series here on Whimsies of a Nerd Girl! Today I’m going to give you the breakdown of many popular subscription boxes you can order. If you’ve been pondering on which to order you’ve come to the right place! Below you’ll find the info. on what kind of genres they offer (although I focused mainly on YA), what price range they run, and what makes each subscription special. I figured it may make it easier for you to decide on one if you’re really wanting to get a bookish box sent to you monthly or to a friend/family member you’ve been gift shopping for!

So grab a nice hot comfort beverage of your choice, whether it be tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and sip your way through these 18 book subscription boxes! :)

1. OwlCrate

What’s included: One YA novel as well as other bookish items such as “, bookmarks, stickers, prints, toys, accessories, and all sorts of wonderful randomness!” -

Perks: Where do I begin? I’ll be honest they are probably a top fave for a lot of readers. They put so much detail into their orders and don’t get me started on their online book community.

Price: Monthly - $29.99 + shipping

3 Months Prepay - $86.98 + shipping

6 Months Prepay - $167.94 + shipping

2. And the Story Begins

What’s included: Two YA novels that are brand new with high ratings.

Perks: Saving the planet one order at a time by using 100% Eco Friendly wrapping paper + Free shipping for US Only

Price: Monthly - $16.99 + shipping if it applies to your area

3. The Book Drop aka Bethany Beach Books

What's included: One YA Book

Perks: Receiving a book while supporting an Independent bookstore.

Price: Monthly - $10.99 (for YA Book selection) + shipping

4. Book of the Month Club

What's included: One Book + Add on books (if you choose to do so).

Perks: Always free shipping (only available to US) and you get to choose one of five books for your order and the option to add other books for an additional charge.

Price: Monthly - $14.99 (<- I believe, there was no set price on the website details until you add books to cart) + Add ons (if you choose to do so)

5. Bookship

What’s included: One hard cover YA book as well as products to help you “, relax, and revive.” - Bookship

Perks: Info. card with a Spotify playlist

Price: Monthly - $39.99 + shipping

3 Months - $109.99

6 Months - $199.98

6. The Book(ish) Box

What’s included: One YA book + Book nerd items (Goodies + YA Book selection)

Perks: The customization of choosing how much or little you’d like in your order and what you can afford. They have selections for just getting the shirt / shirt and book / shirt and goodies / shirt, goodies, and book / etc. with shirt sizes between XS - 4X

Price: Monthly - $28.99 + shipping

3 Months Prepay - $82.00 + shipping

6 Months Prepay - $163.00 + shipping

7. FairyLoot

What’s included: One YA book and 5-6 author/book related items

Perks: They give you a unique hashtag so you can cyber meet up with another fellow FairyLoot subscriber so you can have the option to buddy read (this seriously sound like fun).

Price: (Currency conversions are estimated and should be used for informational purposes only - GBP is the original currency base)- Monthly - ~$34.06 US + shipping

3 Months Prepay - ~$102.19 + shipping

6 Months Prepay - ~$204.39 + shipping

8. Illumicrate

What’s included: One new book release and other bookish goodies (such as a tote, pins, bookmarks, etc.).

Perks: You’ll receive the UK edition of the book of any genre and possibly signed items by the author.

Price: Quarterly - $39.18 US + shipping

9. LitJoy Crate

What’s included: One YA book and 2-3 items related to the new release.

Perks: They also offer their Magical Edition and Limited Edition Specialty boxes for favorite fandoms. They give you the option to get the book only for $18.99 + shipping.

Price: Monthly - $29.99 + shipping

3 Months Prepay - $86.97 + shipping

6 Months Prepay - $167.94 + shipping

10. MyBookBox

What’s included: Two genre specified books of your choice and a special item.

Perks: They will randomly provide exclusive items depending on availability. If you subscribe to the 3 months prepay you also get a tote.

Price: Monthly - $39.95 + shipping

3 Months Prepay - $36.95 + shipping

11. Once Upon a Book Club

What’s included: One YA book, 3-5 wrapped gifts, and quote print.

Perks: The wrapped gifts come with a correlating page number to open throughout you reading the book (this is super cool). Not only that, but you also get discussion questions and read along dates for live hangouts/opening gifts with other Book Club members (honestly, this sounds like so much fun).

Price: Monthly - $39.99 + shipping

3 Month Prepay - $100.99 + shipping

6 Month Prepay - $199.00 + shipping

12 Month Prepay - $390.00 + shipping

12. ShelfLove Crate

What’s included: One newly released YA book and 4 or more bookworm goods

Perks: It’s a Fantasy & Sci-Fi genre based subscription box with a monthly theme and fandom items. Offer the option of buying only the book for a subscription for $17.99 monthly.

Price: (Book and Goods) Monthly - $29.99

3 Month Prepay - $86.97

6 Month Prepay - $167.94

13. SpearCraft Book Box

What’s included: One recently released YA book and 4+ bookish treasures.

Perks: It comes with handmade items by SpearCraft or other Etsy/online shops and genres vary if you like all genres. Offers a book only subscription and optional add on items.

Price: Monthly - $29.99

3 Month Prepay - $86.75

6 Month Prepay - $167.50

14. Unicorn Crate

What’s included: One new hardcover YA/NA book and 5-6 bookish items.

Perks: Every box comes with a Fantasy genre book and a unicorn goodie.

Price: Monthly - $36.95

3 Month Prepay - $105.30

6 Month Prepay - $203.96

15. Uppercase

What’s included: (Expert Plan) One hardcover YA book which may or may not be signed or will have a signed bookplate by author and 1-2 high quality book items

Perks: They give you exclusive content and a personal handwritten note. Offers (Book Exclusive Plan) the option of getting everything in the Expert Plan, but without the high quality book items.

Price: Expert Plan Monthly - $23.00 + shipping

Book Exclusive Plan Monthly - $13.99 + shipping

16. The Librarian Box

What’s included: A book and 4-7 bookish items (soaps, stickers, mugs, accessories, etc.).

Perks: Comes with a recipe card and local/other edible goodies.

Price: $50.00 + shipping

17. The Book Hookup

What’s included: One signed newly released book and another paperback book as well as other goodies.

Perks: You get to decide between a multitude of genre book subscriptions: Art & Photography, Feminist Literature, Fiction, Little Readers, Mystery & Suspense, Political Nonfiction, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Timeless Favorites, and YA.

Price: Monthly ranges from $37.50 - $55.00 + shipping

Recurring ranges from $37.50 - $55.00 + shipping

12 Months Prepay ranges from $150 - $200

18. Chocolate and Book

What’s included: A book, something to eat, and something to drink.

Perks: Ships worldwide, contains chocolate, and you can choose from many genres/choices (YA, Chicklit, Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Romance, The Award Winning Books, Hidden Gem, and Surprise).

Price: Monthly - $19.58 US + shipping

3 Month Prepay - $58.73 + shipping

6 Month Prepay - $117.44 + shipping

*Please Note - some prices and availability may vary due to the time you’re reading this/location you want your package shipped to. Some subscriptions also may offer the option for individual one time purchases, but you will have to personally check for that on each box’s website.*

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