Hiya! I'm Ashley, a book blogger and a book addict. Need I say more?


Well, that's just the gist of it, but seriously - I'm OBSESSED with #books and everything #bookish. ðŸ˜

I've been a blogger for a couple years now, but everything else I tried to talk about just didn't fill me with joy as much as talking about everything bookish. So, here I am now! I like to talk about all things books (mainly YA and New Adult fiction) as well as other tips and tricks to living your full book nerd life. ðŸ“–🤓💖

SIDE NOTE: I also love emojis. (can you tell? haha!)

Here are some more random facts about my nerdy self:

  • Jurassic Park is my favorite movie - I <3 dinos

  • Paleontologist wannabe (Dr. Grant makes it look super fun!)

  • Breakfast is the best meal of the day

  • PJs are my JAM!

  • Stuck in the 90s

  • Sometimes I speak in book quotes, memes, GIFs, and emoticons

  • I'm the mom of 3 furbabies - my dog, Roxy (adopted from my husband's family who is an adorable, energetic minn pin mixed 2 year old), my second dog, Anastasia (we got Anya who’s a husky in December of 2018 at 2 months old), my cat, Saphira (and yes, she was named after the dragon from Eragon because she's gorgeous, blue eyed, tender-hearted, and headstrong), and a whole school of guppies/picasimus - that's the "fishtank vacuum", if you were curious!

  • Basically I'm a Disney kid stuck in a 20-something year old's body

  • I became happily married to my best friend, Tony, on July 22, 2017!

  • I also own at least 500 books in my husband's and I's personal library (which happens to keep accumulating, although I'm not sure how?)

If you share the same love of any of the above and/or YA fiction books you should hit me up on social media (handles are below) and we can fan-girl over them together. 😱👭


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