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100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons

100 Days of Sunlight  by Abbie Emmons

Title: 100 Days of Sunlight

Author: Abbie Emmons

Publisher: Self Published

Publish Date: August 7, 2019

Genre(s): YA, Contemporary, Romance, Disability Representation

***This book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***

Tessa shuts her eyes. Her hair is down today, falling around her face in wispy strands.

She wants to close up, give up, brace herself in the doorway.

I want to push her through the doorway.

Who cares if she falls? She’s already fallen.

Now she needs to get back up.


In 100 Days of Sunlight we’re introduced to Tessa Dickinson, a teen poetry blogger who under an unfortunate event loses her eyesight in a car accident. Suddenly blinded Tessa is devastated and heartbroken over the thought of possibly never getting her vision back, but the doctor informs her that it should be temporary though there’s no guarantee of her recovering. Seeing Tessa struggle, her grandparents put in an inquiry for a typist to help her continue posting her poetry on her blog. Though they pull the ad per Tessa’s request, it wasn’t too late for Weston Ludovico, the son of the newspaper’s owner, to catch the piece before it’s disposed of. This is the story of a boy with no legs helping put back together the pieces of a girl, sense by sense, to make her whole again.

To say that I loved this book would be a COMPLETE understatement! Before I go into a complete blubbering mess of run on sentences I’m just going to make this nice pretty list of all the things I adored about this novel:


Can I just talk about how freaking amazing this guy is? He’s so full of light and optimism that you can’t help but root for him to get down below the outer exterior of the cold skinned Tessa.


Obviously I have to like the main character…I think there’d be something wrong if I didn’t. The reason I had to get my hands on this book was because of just how much I related to Tessa. She’s a blogger, feisty, introverted, stubborn, and creatively driven. I saw a lot of myself in her as a character and I felt her pain of not being able to write for herself in her current state. I’d be lost as well if I were in her shoes.


They have taken care of her pretty much her entire life and you can tell that they love her so much - you’d honestly think they were her parents.


Literally one of my favorite foods…IT’S BREAKFAST. DID YOU SEE IT? THERE ON THE COVER? I’ll wait while you scroll back up and look. *waits* ISN’T IT ADORABLE!?! And, yes, getting back to the story - there are waffles in there.

Well? he asks when I don’t open my eyes and silently savor the goodness. “What do you taste?”

I smile despite myself. “The most amazing waffles under the sun.”


This book really makes you think and appreciate your simple abilities to smell, taste, touch, hear, and see. We take that for granted and Tessa’s narration goes to show you that we need “to stop and smell the roses” as much as time allows.



Weston is everything

And all at once.

Weston is gentle

And harsh.

Weston can be blindingly bright

But then he can also be

Delicately soft.

Weston is a paradox.


#ALLTHEFEELS. Seriously, you’ll wish they were YOUR little brothers, they’re so freaking cute!

And, actually, I was feeling pretty good at the time. My brothers were like individual rays of sunshine that had come crashing into my room to drive out the fragments of Despair. For a few minutes, everything was golden. And everything was okay.

You know, I COULD go on, but…that wouldn’t be fair to you or Abbie (the author). You deserve to read the story as it is. Anything else I can say just doesn’t give it justice, you know? So go buy it or request it from your library or ANYTHING to get it pronto because this book will change you in ways you wouldn’t even imagine.

Many thanks to Abbie Emmons for sending me an ARC of this book for me to review. I am completely honored to have gotten the chance to read this wonderful piece of literature before the rest of the world will have and I sincerely hope that you pick it up in some shape or form so you can experience Tessa’s and Weston’s world for yourself. You won’t regret it.

If I wasn’t transparent enough - I GAVE THIS BOOK OF HAPPINESS 5 OUT OF 5 STARS!!!!!

P.S. - What are you still doing reading this review? GO READ THE BOOK! ;)

P.S.S. - I made a playlist for the book if you’re interested in checking it out! You can listen to it over on Spotify or find it directly below for your convenience. :)







Abbie Emmons, author of  100 Days of Sunlight.

Abbie Emmons is a debut author with 100 Days of Sunlight being the first book she has released to the world to read! She writes mainly YA contemporaries and romances. She also likes to spend her time being a blogger/vlogger on YouTube sharing her love and knowledge on the craft of creative writing. You can find more information about her at her website


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