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Reading More Productively | Getting Into the Habit

If you’re anything like me right now you’re shaking your head thinking, how did I not finish as many books as I had liked to this year? Or the classic “why am I not reaching my Goodreads goal?” Well, my friend, that means you have to read a lot smarter and no, I don’t mean more “intelligent books.” Having trouble getting back into reading can be a result of many things and I’ve noticed quite a few of these from my own reading habits.

How to Get ARCs + Free Books to Review

I’ve been seeing this question of how to get ARCs and free books circulating around a lot - usually with newer book reviewers/bookish influencers. I thought I’d put the questioning to an end and help you get a step ahead in the book reviewing game! I’ve been researching all the solutions to this because there are some other book bloggers posts on this, but some appear to not have all the latest and recent options out there.