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I'm a new book blogger in the internet world who reviews books of both YA and New Adult (and occasionally Adult) fiction genres. These consist of mainly: fantasy + sci-fi, steampunk, paranormal romance, and historical fiction. I have been entranced with reading fictional novels and fantasized living in fictional worlds ever since I was a young child. Scope out my page where I blog about anything and everything related to bookish culture!

Gift Ideas for a Book Nerd | Jólabókaflóð

Gift Ideas for a Book Nerd | Jólabókaflóð


In Iceland they have a holiday known as Jólabókaflóð (“Yule Book Flood” in English). Basically people give each other books and spend the holiday cozied up inside reading and yes, I agree, it should be a thing worldwide. I am all for it!

If you’re unsure of what kind of books your fellow nerd would like to read, it’s all good because I got you covered with a bunch of other bookish ideas to fulfill their heart with content.

Hopefully I gave you a decent head start if you haven’t gotten all your book shopping finished with! Is there anything you think I left out on this list? Fill me in on some other great bibliophile gifts!

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Tis The Season of Book Giving

Tis The Season of Book Giving

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How to Get ARCs + Free Books to Review