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Booknerd Goals to Ring in the New Year

Booknerd Goals to Ring in the New Year

Booknerd Goals to Ring in the New Year


Happy New Year everyone!

Everyone knows that the new year is a time for renewal and new goals. So I want to know what yours are! Do you plan on having a year-end goal of how many books you have liked to have read? Have any bookish projects you've been meaning to do? Maybe you're unsure what you would like to get done this year, so I've made this awesome list of booknerd goals for you to accomplish this year to keep your reading life in tip-top shape!

  • Create a Book Catalog for your own personal library

    • Organize your bookshelves by

      • Author

      • Alphabetical for Book Title/Series

      • Color

      • Genre

      • In order of how you read them (or your best estimate)

      • Publish date

      • Shape/Size

        • Oddly shaped

        • Paperback

        • Hardcover

  • Start a New Bookish Hobby

    • Photograph books and post to instagram with hashtag #Bookstagram

    • Film Your First Booktube

      • pssst, search and videotape using the New Booktube Tag :)

    • Read new book releases with a friend

      • It’s so much more fun when you have someone to discuss all the plot points, characters, and book boyfriends.

    • Join a Book Club (or host one)

      • Can either be online or in person!

    • Create a book blog

      • Hey, that’s what I did! ^_^

    • Become a writer

      • If you love living inside your little world of books, why not create one yourself?

    • Create your own bookmarks

    • Booknerd Vision Board or Mood Board

    • Attend book events

      • Book tours

      • Author tours

      • Literary tours

  • DIY Reading Den

  • Read:

    • 20, 50, or 100 books, etc. throughout the year >>> Find your own Yearly Book Tracker Here!

    • 10 Fantasy/Historical Fiction/Sci-Fi/Paranormal Classics

    • A genre you normally wouldn’t find on your shelf

    • A book recommended to you

    • A book based on its description, not by its cover ;)

  • Have a bookworm party aka silent reading party

  • Challenge yourself to a:

    • Book Buying Ban

      • Not only will you save money, but you’ll also get a chance to finally read all those books you’ve bought that are still lying in your dusty TBR pile.

      • Make yourself go to the library to discover new reads.

        • I often find myself seeing new books for the first time on display or on a shelf I haven’t looked at in awhile at the local library

    • Readathon

  • Read with a friend, significant other, family member

There’s probably a million other ideas out there waiting to be found (and I’m sure to be sharing more with you in the future), but I figured this was a good starter list!

Are you going to try any of these ideas this year? Do you have any of your own suggestions? I want to hear all of your plans for the New Year! I love hearing new bookish ideas to try. Please share them in a comment! Let’s discuss! :)

How to Catalog Your Books Quickly & Easily - Using the Goodreads App Online!

How to Catalog Your Books Quickly & Easily - Using the Goodreads App Online!