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Baby It's Cold Outside | Bingeworthy TV Shows & Movies Made for Bibliophiles

Baby It's Cold Outside | Bingeworthy TV Shows & Movies Made for Bibliophiles


Sometimes I’m in the mood for a good movie and don’t feel like reading. I’m kind of a big mood reader when it comes to reading books. So when I’m feeling less excited to pick up a good book I take that time to watch inspirational films instead! Keep reading on to check out some bookish movies to add to your “to watchlist” for when the weather is quite frightful. ❄


This show is especially for anyone who has a deep fascination for books and the publishing industry. It follows our main character of the show who lies about her age so she can get a job at a publishing company. Little does she know the ride of a lifetime she is about to go on trying to live that lie...

I personally feel like Younger would be a show about me living my life a decade or so from now if I had followed my dreams to pursue a job in publishing because so many people guess me at around 10 years younger than I actually am. All you baby faces can relate to this as well.

Gossip Girl

For the ones who have an obsession with The Luxe books by Anna Godbersen, this series actually started off as a book series then became a TV show on the CW so it’s The Luxe, but modern day! It’s a great drama showcasing the luxurious lives of Manhattan's elite.

Gilmore Girls

If you haven’t watched this one, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL THIS TIME!?! *exhales* THIS. THIS. THIS IS A MASTERPIECE I TELL YOU. I relate so much to the main girl, Rory, who’s all about keeping up her school grades and pursuing her lifelong dream to go to Harvard to be a journalist. Such a great show to watch every time it gets to be the Fall and Winter seasons. I’ll tell you right now, you will fall in love with the characters the minute you watch them! Plus, how could you not adore the quick witted back and forth convos Rory has with her mother, Lorelai? 😍 ALL THE FEELS. BRB while I go rewatch this one AGAIN.


I’m not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed with how the sales ended up for this movie, BUT despite the lower ratings I absolutely loved this book series and sometimes it’s nice to pop the DVD in just so I can “watch the book.” You know what I’m talking about. Even though there were so many details they left out in the movie I still enjoy it! If you don’t watch this, at the very least buy or borrow the book series because it has wonderful world building and a great storyline. I give this series a 10 out of 10 stars!

The Devil Wears Prada

I could watch this movie 100 times and never be bored with it. It’s simply that good! It follows Andy who’s trying to get her foot into the world of magazine writing, but of all the odds gets the chance to be an assistant for the famous editor, Miranda Priestly who works for Runway magazine. At least, she’ll be an assistant if she doesn’t die trying.

Harriet the Spy

I literally had an addiction to this one because hello, Harriet the SPY! Harriet goes around, many times as a nosy neighbor, to get the dish on everyone’s lives around her. She both loses and gains friends in the end, but learns a thing or two about friendship.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City is on my watch list. DON’T LAUGH AT ME. Though, I’ve only seen some random episodes here and there it has a great cast and the fact that it’s about a reporter’s life is a huge bonus. I have a huge passion for writing, media, and books - I bet you couldn’t tell?

13 Going on 30

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS MOVIE. Adulthood with a mix of magic. Check. Magazine writer. Check. Female empowerment. Check. Cute and quirky male lead. CHECK! If you haven’t watched this one please message me once you do because I’m dying to hear your thoughts!

Treasure Island

A fantasy island with a classic story on screen? Count me in! This is great for when you’re in the mood for a well known storyline and nostalgic feels for a childhood favorite. Don’t forget the popcorn or ice cream! And if you’re daring why don’t you make a blanket fort while you’re at it?


I never did read the book (it’s on my huge TBR though, OKAY!?!), but I absolutely adored the hardship of this true story about the famous Sophia Amoruso who wrote the book it’s based on, Girlboss. From the beginning stages of slumming it to the days of hustling to make Nasty Gal a fashion empire you see all the ups and downs that she goes through to make it as a #Girlboss female entrepreneur. I’ll probably watch this again for the huge girl power inspo.

Easy A

Played by one of my favorite actresses, Emma Stone, stars as Olive who is a goody two-shoes high school girl who lives a pretty chill life who decides to lie to her best friend about losing her V card instead of telling her about a boring weekend at home. What starts out as an innocent little lie spirals out of control until the whole high school knows about the non-existent dirty deed. Lots of laughs and lots of old school references. It’s a modern day classic!

Also stars these great cast members: Amanda Bynes (All That), Penn Badgley (Gossip Girl), Aly Michalka (Phil from the Future), Stanley Tucci (Hunger Games and The Devil Wears Prada), Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Dan Byrd (A Cinderella Story), Cam Gigandet (Twilight)

The Help

Another great movie with the amazing Emma Stone! It’s based off the novel, The Help, which is about a writer/reporter trying to depict the true lives of POC working behind the scenes of the rich white folk back in the 1960s and takes place in Mississippi.

The Neverending Story

Based on the novel, The Neverending Story by Michael Ende, which features a high fantasy story that I hold very dear in my heart from my little childhood years. It also has prequels in this series!

The Notebook

An epic romance to stand the test of time. Featuring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling, in one of the greatest love stories written by the one and only Nicholas Sparks! A great read and movie for romantics of all ages (well, there is that one sex scene so maybe not ALL ages…;)

You’ve Got Mail

GAAAAH. This is the most perfect bookish movie for this time of year. Basically this film is about a happenchance meeting between a small bookstore owner and a large corporate bookstore owner getting to know each other, but there’s a catch. They each don’t know that their each other’s great enemy of book selling companies.

Finding Neverland

I still need to watch this one fully, but I’ve heard many good things! Johnny Depp stars in this one in which he plays a character who’s telling many tales to a family he befriends and inspires him to write the story of Peter Pan, the famous boy who never grows up!

The Princess Bride

A timeless classic as many would say. I watched this YEARS ago and it’s a very cheesy adventurous love story. I’ve been meaning to give it another shot because everyone I know loves it to pieces. I’m probably being overly critical here then probably?

Eat Pray Love

Based off the true life story of Elizabeth Gilbert and her book, Eat Pray Love, it shows Elizabeth’s life after she proclaims she wants a divorce from her then husband. After that it’s a series of life lessons and what she’s willing to do to life her life to the fullest in order to live happily ever after while finding herself again.

I hope you enjoyed that list as much as I did writing about them! Many of these I watch over and over on a yearly basis. They have some great morals that I need to be reminded of time and time again.

Do you have an bookish movies that you watch on repeat?

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