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Oh, Bookmas Tree! Oh, Bookmas Tree! | DIY

Oh, Bookmas Tree! Oh, Bookmas Tree! | DIY

Let me start off by saying that I think that the bookmas tree is seriously one of the cutest and most awesome things that people have come up with! For a really long time I had never even known of their existence and now I just adore them completely! So if you haven’t heard of a bookmas tree or are intrigued by the idea of making one keep reading on!

Obviously you’re going to want to find the base of where you’ll be building this thing. Will it be in your bedroom on a table? Or maybe you want to use it as your main Christmas tree where it will sit on the floor and if you do that’s freaking amazing (tag me @whimsiesofanerd/@whimsiesofanerdgirl in pics, mkay?).

Secondly, you’re gonna have to figure out what books you want to put on display! I think people can have a lot of great fun with this because everyone has different reading tastes so for fellow book nerd friends they can learn about new books that they may not have known about without them being showcased in your lovely home. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Classics - Because that’s where all great fiction originated from.

  • Favorites - Why not look at your faves every time you walk by them?

  • DNFs - And no I don’t mean the ones that are DNF’d for good, I’m talking about those book series that you never got around to finish, but stopped in the middle of for whatever reason.

  • TBR - My favorite choice of reads! Please don’t feel obligated to put them all in there due to us all having mountains galore to get to in the future. Instead, think hard about your top picks that you REALLY want to make time for.

  • Recommendations - Have your book besties or other book reviews online recommend some new picks for you to try out. Not only will you get some new books to read, but you’ll have great conversation starters for when you get back with the people who’ve sent you recs!

  • Outside of Your Norm - Sometimes it’s nice to take a breather and consume something completely different or new to you that you’re not use to. These are a good choice if you’ve been feeling like you’re in a reading slump.

  • Thriftbooks - Show those oldies some love and to get you back into reading your backlist!

Lastly comes the super fun part, getting to decorate it! Out of a lot of the ones I’ve seen people mainly focus on lighting them up with lights or fairy lights and finishing them off with a fancy topper. I think it would be awesome to dress it up even more though! Imagine the a reason to binge buy some new bookmarks that you’re in need of! They would be really easy to add to your tree considering you can stick them between all the pages of the books or between individual books to spruce them up. Honestly, you could put anything on your book tree. If you’re confused as to how to put them on there if it’s a decoration that won’t stay just glue the item to a popsicle stick (if you’re okay with crafting it up) then stick it in the tree!

Bonus Idea that I literally just came up with and I hope you guys love it just as much as I do...what if you sticky noted some favorite scene of a favorite/popular book and then your book nerd friends have to guess which book in the bookmas tree has the scene. P.S. - probably not a good idea to make it a center book that you can’t see unless you build the tree without books in the center. In the end they have to figure out the scene by asking you questions so It’s similar to 20 Questions with the exception of having a hints with the pile of books in front of them. Hey, I book it (get it? Instead of ship it? haha...I’m gonna walk away from the keyboard now).

Joking, kind of...anyways if you decide to make a bookmas tree hashtag #bookmastree so others can admire your handy work and get inspired to make their own! In the meantime enjoy my other blog posts from the #25DaysofBookmas series or if you’re caught up go make yourself a tree or read!

Until next time! Happy whimsies!

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